Josman Pérez

Based in Dublin, Ireland · From A Coruña, Spain

I had the incredible opportunity to study for a year in Norway during my studies and work for a year in New York after graduating. My interests were directed towards embedded application programming, mostly Android and iOS natively as well as the IoT world. I focus mainly on product while keeping in touch with the consumer as well as the business. If I had to sum up my professional interests in one sentence, I could only say that I am passionate about technology.


Senior Technical Services Engineer

MongoDB · Ireland

➣ Define, implement, and follow standardized best practices for diagnosing issues which support consistent, repeatable issue identification and resolution across geographies within their functional domain.

➣ Carefully manages off-queue time; periodically reports on accomplishments to their team and management.

➣ Acts as a formal mentor to more junior TSEs and is accountable for their growth and progress.

➣ Develop partnerships with development engineers and product managers within a chosen focus area.

September 2022 - Present

Product Owner

Netex Learning · Spain

➣ Defining requirements within existing product roadmap.

➣ Establishing priorities of new product functionalities with market and stakeholders research.

➣ Study and measuring of new features success.

➣ Commercial team support.

November 2018 - December 2020

iOS & Android Developer

Netex Learning · Spain

➣ iOS & Android software engineer. Focus mainly on iOS platform with Swift.

➣ Developing a new application from scratch using the latest frameworks and software patterns: Clean architecture (Viper), RxSwift, RxRealm.

➣ Identify, analyze and fix bugs and performance issues.

➣ Work with BaaS to deliver new functionalities to existing applications.

January 2017 - January 2019

Web Designer

Downhill Publishing · USA


➣ Website Design

➣ Social Media Marketing

➣ Link Building

June 2016 - January 2017

Software Developer Intern

Irix Galicia, SL · Spain

➣ Software Engineering. Backend & Frontend.

➣ Android / iOS Applications

➣ Web design

➣ Frameworks & Tools: MySQL, PHP, jquery, javascript, CSS3, HTML5, ajax.

June 2015 - June 2016


University of A Coruña

Computer Science Degree
September 2008 - June 2015

University of A Bergen

Computer Science Degree
September 2013 - June 2014


If you want to see more of my interests beyond the professional, you can find me at


Where I write articles related to technology and how to solve problems.


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Where I upload videos recorded with my drone.

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